Reach Your Customers with Text Messaging

Actionable Marketing Through Text Messaging

"Join us for a Free Appetizer at Lunch"

An actionable text message as such can help people decide where they're going to lunch, ultimately packing your dining room on such short notice.

With CloudText text messaging, you have the tools to automatically schedule a creative and enticing message each day in order to drive people into your restaurant. Leverage instant notifications to lure people in as they're discussing where to eat.

Tag Patrons For a Targeted Message

Each time they visit your restaurant or bar, you learn something about your customer: the food they eat, the days they come, the people they're with.

With CloudText, you can tag your customers with related attributes for a more targeted message to increase traffic and decrease opt-outs. For example tag a customer who comes in every Friday with his wife to then send more targeted promotions.