What CloudText Does

The quickest way to communicate. inform. engage.

Group Messaging

Send your message to a targeted audience, increasing customer engagement and reducing opt-outs. Tag your customers via the control panel or automatically when they respond to a keyword.

Simple to Send

We kept the process lean and focused to make it easier for you to send out your next SMS campaign. Schedule your message in less than 30 seconds to send to a specified group of people.

Real-time Inbox

See real-time replies from your customers and gauge your message effectiveness. Reply directly or setup an automatic response to make sure every question is answered.

Schedule Messages

Schedule your messages the night before or even a year in advance to go out on a specific date and time. Keep your customers informed using a automated, recurring schedule.

Manage Your Subscribers

CloudText is a complete suite of tools to manage your subscribers, separate them into groups and even have a one-on-one conversation with one subscriber; automatically handling opt-ins and opt-outs for you.

So Easy to Use

The simplified and intuitive interface is so easy to use that you will love sending out messages. You can send from any device, anytime by accessing CloudText from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Have a Conversation

Communicate directly with your customers via one-on-one text messaging. Every message sent and received will display on their individual profile, allowing you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your messages.

Automatic Messaging

You can setup keywords that automatically take actions, such as: reply, forward, email, post on a website, opt-in or even tag the person and place them in a group. Leverage automation to keep the conversation going with your customers.

Powered by PeopleVine

Powered by PeopleVine, an integrated marketing platform, gives you the ability to grow beyond text messaging and harness the power of targeted marketing campaigns across other channels including social, email and more.

We Have it All

The CloudText platform provides you with all of the necessary tools to communicate and interact with your customers via text messaging. We cover everything, from opt-ins and subscriber management, to sending out scheduled and recurring messages, providing you with fully automated keywords to continue to keep your customers engaged.

Easy to Use
Works with Every Carrier
Delivered Every Time
Reach Every Customer