Frequently Asked Questions


Since your paying for the messages directly, the only limitation is up to 5,000 conversations per month.  If you need something bigger let us know. 

No, there are no long term agreements.  Your account is open as long as you need it, month to month.  However we do provide 2 months free when you pre-pay for a year.
Yes, once you sign up for an account, you will be able to choose a phone number in a specific area code.  This will then become the number your text messages would come from and people can reply to.

Nope.  We use the mobile web and text messaging to do it all. Your phone already has that. 

It's simple. You add your SMS number to your business card, advertisements, website, etc. and your customers text you when they have a question.  You'll get a notification and you can click to reply. Or access history and message back via our control panel. 

You're signing up and paying to use our platform to have text message chat capabilities for your business.  You pay for the messaging direct to Twilio who we've integrated with.

CloudText is merely a software platform and interface. We provide the tools while Twilio provides the messaging. You pay Twilio directly for the message, so your Paying the actual cost per message, not something that was marked up.